The rebound in Chinese coal consumption, after a 3-year drop, strongly drove this trend.
Enerdata estimates a +2% growth of global energy-related CO2 emissions in 2017. Based on monthly data gathered for key countries, this results shows a significant change in the trend, after a 3-year period of stability. The gap with a 2° scenario increases…
Hereunder are the key learnings of this analysis.
The CO2 emissions growth in 2017 can be attributed to higher coal consumption. Global coal consumption is estimated to have increased noticeably in 2017 due to a rebound in China (+3.7%), steady growth in India (nearly +4%) and stabilization in the United States (+1%) after a 3-year decline (-20% between 2013 and 2016).
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Enerdata to host one-day workshop in Seoul, South Korea

How can effective emissions managment improve your business strategy? On September 9th, Enerdata will present a one-day workshop in Kintex, Seoul, South Korea, providing thorough knowledge on energy-emission reduction mechanisms and development opportunities in Asia's ever-evolving energy market.

Enerdata Asia Managing Director Antonio Della Pelle and Managing Director Jeremy Wilcox will host four interactive sessions each running for 90 minutes. The final 15 minutes of each session will consist of an open discussion with participants. Registered attendees will benefit from a live demonstration of Enerdata's carbon price model

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Enerdata Presents: Energy Efficiency Policies and Trends in the EU

Enerdata, in partnership with The Clean Energy Solutions Center, will host a webinar on July 7th highlighting energy efficiency policies and trends in the EU.

Speakers will include Dr. Carine Sebi, Project Manager at Enerdata, along with Professor Wolfgang Eichhammer, Head of Energy Policy and Markets at Fraunhofer ISI.

Analyzing the results of the world renown ODYSSEE-MURE Project, this webinar aims to review policy instruments currently implemented across the EU as well as to compare energy efficiency trends between countries, explaining the driving forces behind changes in energy consumption.

This webinar will be followed by an interactive question and answer session with the audience. Participants will receive a copy of the presentation following the conclusion.

Get Exclusive Insight on June 7th with Enerdata's New Public Webinar

Enerdata invites you to join in its 20 year celebration of world energy assessment with 2015’s exclusive presentation, “Global Energy Trends.” Gain a 360° worldwide view of the energy landscape and valuable information on up-and-coming markets. 

This webinar will highlight key questions such as:
  • Have we reached a peak in energy demand and CO2 emissions?
  • Is India replacing China as the driver of energy consumption growth?
  • Are key countries reducing the carbon intensity of their economies?
  • What impacts can we see from investments made in renewable energies?
  • Has the low price of oil impacted the overall demand for oil products? And the production of unconventional oil?
  • Is natural gas taking back market shares from coal

Thanks to its unrivaled statistical process and dedicated teams, Enerdata remains the first to unveil such a detailed and data-driven annual report, in particular for G20 countries: 
  • The evolution of energy demand by country and by sector
  • The evolution of energy consumption by source
  • The evolution of power mix et both the international level and by country
  • The evolution of CO2 emissions
The presentation will be followed by an interactive Q&A session with participants. Register here today! 

Oil Price: How to decrypt shocks and counter shocks

How can market fundamentals and the economy of natural resources impact oil prices?

 Find out by reading an in-depth analysis by Patrick Criqui, member of Enerdata’s Expert Panel and Senior Researcher at CNRS. 

What does it take to reach INDCs - New public Webinar 

Want to get ahead on energy scenarios from now until 2040? Register now for a free webinar presented by Enerdata and the Clean Energy Solutions Center!Learn the impacts of energy mix, prices and climate issues with a free webinar describing key energy scenarios up to 2040, presented to you by Enerdata and the Clean Energy Solutions Center.Enerdata and the Clean Energy Solutions Center present you a new webinar describing key energy scenarios up to 2040. 

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